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The Alfords Luxe Holiday Card


The Alfords Luxe Holiday Card features chartreuse double-thick paper and contrasting racing green engraving ink. The card measures 5.5" x 8.5" and includes a matching chartreuse envelope with an engraved return address in racing green. The design includes a 4" x 5" photo printed on photo paper, custom-cut to size and mounted to each card.

Luxury touches include:

  • Extra-thick Colorplan paper
  • Engraved racing green ink adds a lush tactile element
  • Hand-mounted photograph
  • Colored envelope
  • Engraved return address

Engraved printed is a traditional print method, that uses uses delicately carved metal plate to create the iconic raised impression and subtle backside indentation.

Please email with your photo.

Photo Assembly:

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