11:40 Baies Défendues Candle


Raspberry, Redcurrant, Rhubarb, Mousse

A woody, fruity fragrance evoking a sensual picking, imagined by Vincent Ricord for D’ORSAY.

Just as the crickets begin to sing, I get a most acidulous idea. We sneak away along the coastal path, interchange Currants with our lips, eat Raspberries from our fingertips, caress each other’s hair laying on a bed of Moss…

Head : Raspberry, Black currant, Cardamom, Incense
Heart : Rhubarb, Jasmine, Blueberry
Bottom : Musk, Pine needles, Cedar, Moss

All D'ORSAY candles are cast in France, in a workshop of Ciriers with a unique and secular know-how for four generations. They are made according to traditional and manual techniques preserved by our craftsmen. The glass of the candle is signed with a monogram - interlaced letters - in a modern echo to the history of the house.


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